World Of Warcraft


Despite all the people slamming this ability for being useless and slower than a mount, please keep in mind that you can cast it in combat and it counts as a shapeshift rather than a mount. This makes it incredibly fun and useful with the right items, skills and a little creativity.

Some instances and zones are considered to be "outdoors" but have restrictions that don't allow players to mount (certain parts of Throne of Thunder, Temple of the Jade Serpent, Vortex Pinnacle, just to name a few). Since travel form is technically NOT a mount, you can say, "Screw that!" and cast it anyway. If you also throw in , other players in your party can still mount you for some reason, even though regular mounts aren't allowed. Make sure to cast Stampeding Roar and laugh at those winds like they're nothing.

Being able to use travel form in combat is also invaluable. There's a travel form for that! And finally, you can use travel form on the Anglers Fishing Raft while another player is riding you (via glyph of the stag). With darkflight/stampeding roar and jumps, you and your friend can easily hit over 600% movement speed on water. Forget ground mounts; that's faster that a FLYING player. It's fast enough to let you catch up and overtake a swarm of Evermaw hunters all the way from the other side of the Timeless Isles. All they'll see is the two of you zooming past them at the speed of light, a random player sitting on a deer as it spasmodically jumps up and down on a raft. That alone is priceless. Travel form, you rock.

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