Where Did Frankenstein Travel


1 person found this useful Haephasto 3 Contributions What is the plot of Frankenstein, Frankenstein turns to forbidden sciences and discovers how to recreate life. When he does, however, he believes that he has created a monster and flees.. The monster chases him and demands that he creates a "mate" for him. Frankenstein almost does, but winds up refusing.

The monster kills everyone close to him. He turns to pursue the monster. He dies. A sailor finds his written works and tries to continue the quest. Acaign 37,136 Contributions Who is Frankenstein, In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Frankenstein isthe surname of the main character, Victor Frankenstein. Victor wasthe scientist who created the creature after harnessing the powerof electricity and developing a secret technique from his studiesin chemistry and other sciences.

Arctic Ice Shelf Switzerland Mar de Galce (Massive Ice Field in the European Alps) Hebrides Islands. Wolfgang schwartzschild 16,616 Contributions Who is the victim in 'Frankenstein'- monster or Frankenstein, In the novel it is hard to find a character that doesn't die a sad death. Everybody's the victim. Matthew Parker 43,947 Contributions What is Frankenstein,

Frankenstein is a horror novel written by Mary Shelly in1818. The story follows the tales of three characters' point ofview in an introverted fashion, similar to a matryoshka doll. The novel opens with Captain Robert Walton, who is on an expeditionsailing north, writing to his sister Margaret (who is intended tobe the audience reading the novel) about his journeys and findingVictor Frankenstein, who Walton rescues from certain death. Frankenstein proceeds to recall his life story to Walton, whorelays it to his sister in the form of letters.

In his tale,Frankenstein tells of his creating a terrible monster, known simplyas "the creature" among other things but is never given a propername. It is a common misconception that "Frankenstein" is the nameof the monster, but this is false as Frankenstein is the scientistwho creates the monster. Frankenstein then continues to recall the creature catching up tohim and telling him its own life story, which Frankenstein relaysto Walton, who again relays it to Margaret. The overall novel bothopens and closes with Captain Walton. Victor Frankenstein died aboard ship in the seas above Russia heading towards the North Pole..