Visit Of Holy Places In Madina Munawarra ( Ziarats)


Visit of Holy Places in Madina Munawarra ( Ziarats) . On 23 June 2005, the travel agent on special request of the contingent members arranged visit to the holy places around Madina Munawarra. Out tour started as per schedule, my family got seats in the mini bus. Visiting these holy places is like traveling back in the time. Masjid Quba . This mosque is the first mosque in the history of Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself laid down its foundation stone during his stay there before arriving at Madina Munawarra.

The mosque is situated about three kilometers away from Masjid-e-Nabvi. We tried to come to Masjid Quba as often as we could while we were in Madinah. A Hadith states that offering 2 rakats of Nawafil prayer in it is equal in blessings and reward to one Umrah. This mosque is also an exceptional masterpiece of architecture.

Just outside the mosque building there is a date market from where people can buy dates. A good ablution place is available in the mosque area for the pilgrims. Separate praying place for the ladies exists in the mosque. It is situated in the south of Masjid-e-Nabvi. Masjid-e-Jummah. This mosque is located short of Madina Munawarra city. Holy Prophet (PBUH) offered prayers at that place once he moved from Quba to Madina Munawarra.

Ruins of Masjid-e-Zarrar. Those Muslims who were having ties with Non-Muslims and Jews of Madina built this mosque and all planning was done here in order to cause harm to the true followers of Islam and Holy Prophet (PBUH). To save Muslims from the harm of such people this mosque was destroyed and burnt on the orders of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The ruins of the mosque are still present for people to see and learn lesson. Masjid-e-Ali (Bir-Zulhalifa, Abyar-e-Ali). This mosque was built at a point twelve kilometers outside the city of Madina Munawarra declared as Meeqat for pilgrims.

Here a well is present which is called Ali's Well and the place is also called as Abyar-e-Ali. All buses / vehicles going to Makkah stop here and pilgrims change into Ihrams here. Masjid-e-Ghamama. This mosque is situated at a walking distance from Masjid-e-Nabvi, and here Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered prayers for rain. Saudi government has made a very beautiful pink wall around the mosque and the wall is well decorated with electric lanterns hanging with date tree planks. It is also called Masjid-e-Eid because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and companions used to offer the Eid prayers here.