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The Chisholm Ranch, near the site of Asher, drove cattle nearly one hundred miles to King Fisher's stagecoach station, where the Texas cattle passed on the way to Kansas. Jesse Chisholm, more interested in trade than livestock growing, hauled provisions south from Caldwell, Kansas, to supply the crews on the great cattle drives.

The Cherokee Indian trader thus became the best-known person on the trail, and it was natural to designate the route by his name. While the Chisholm Trail wasn’t the only trail that these iconic cowboys followed, it is perhaps the best known. Other major trails included the East Shawnee Trail that generally followed the Texas Road, the West Shawnee Trail, which split off from the east trail at Boggy Depot, and the Great Western Trail in the western part of the state. Cowboys have often been portrayed as rugged, restless men intent on making a name for themselves.

While this is true in some circumstances, most of the heroic cowboys wanted nothing more than to make a living, and to be proud of what they accomplished. These were mostly young men, driven by determination and high ambition to create a new life for themselves. Many of these young men had fought in the Civil War. If they hadn’t been involved in the fighting, then they were impacted in other ways. Many lost their homes and families, while others simply didn’t know what to do with their lives after the war.