Using Your Card Abroad


If you had used our Travel Money service on the 5th June 2017, €100 would have cost £91.73. Our exchange rates for card transactions are determined by the payment scheme provider for the card. For further information and other exchange rates and currencies see MasterCard or Visa. For travel money, the exchange rate is determined by us. Other fees, charges and interest may apply. This example assumes you allow us to convert the transaction from foreign currency to sterling. If you choose to allow the provider to convert the transaction to sterling, they may make a separate charge for conversion.

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American Alligators will eat anything they can put between their jaws. Answer The alligators' food changes with age. The young feed on insects and on freshwater shrimp. As they grow older they eat frogs, snakes and fish. Mature adults live mainly on fish but will catch muskrats and small mammals that go down to the water's edge to drink. They also take a certain amount of waterfowl. Very large alligators may occasionally pull large mammals such as deer or cows down into the water and drown them. Are bicycles allowed to travel on alligator alley,

No. No non-motorized vehicles or pedestrians are allowed on I-75 insouth Florida. It is unsafe due to the rate of traffic and theamount of vehicles which travel the roadway. Jfxmurphy 128 Contributions How far can an alligator travel on land, Crocs and Gators have been recorded to run for short distances at speeds of up to 25MPH, but these speeds only last for a few minutes.. If the alligator is simply moving across land without haste, it can go pretty far but alligators do get tired easily.