Understanding The Luxury Trains In India


Ever wondered what a luxury train journey could be like, It is definitely a must-try-out for all globe trotters and travel enthusiasts, at least once in a lifetime. A complete luxury sojourn; luxury trains surely make one very comfortable amidst the luxury environs and offers a new angle to look at the age-old destinations and attractions of the place. Indian luxury trains promise to offer all that and lots more.

What started out as an experiment and a single venture; today there are 6 luxury trains in India that ferry guests across the different destinations in the sub continent with several alternatives that one can choose from. A number of luxury amenities, impeccable services by the staff of the trains, and even different tours to suit your mood and budget - Indian luxury trains have definitely come a long way. The different luxury trains that function within India have been named below.

For the ease of our readers, we have also compiled the destinations that the particular trains travel across. This is what we call understanding the luxury trains in India. As has already been mentioned, the luxury trains also offer for more than a single itinerary. With a different name and a different set of destinations, these trains leave no stone unturned in offering to the guests a plethora of choices to pick from. An apt example of this is the Splendor of the South itinerary aboard the Golden Chariot train.

Traversing across Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this particular itinerary is fast becoming one of the popular Indian luxury train itineraries. Besides that, the four parallel itineraries of the Maharajas Express and the Indian Maharaja itinerary of the Deccan Odyssey are classic examples of multiple tours aboard the luxury trains. Embark on a luxury train tour to taste a slice of international hospitality, the Indian way!

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