U.S. Travel Answer Sheet


84 billion travel trade surplus. International arrivals to the U.S. 2.1 percent and totaled 75.9 million in 2016. Of those, approximately 37.6 million came from overseas markets and 38.3 million were from Canada and Mexico. International travel spending directly supported about 1.2 million U.S. 32.4 billion in wages. 4,360 when they visit the U.S. Overseas arrivals represent 50% of all international arrivals, yet account for 85.3% of total international travel spending. Top leisure travel activities for overseas visitors: (1) shopping; (2) sightseeing; (3) fine dining; (4) national parks/monuments; and (5) amusement/theme parks.

The 63 waterfalls are divided geographically — southern Minnesota, metro area/central region, Duluth area, North Shore, and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and border country. 24.95): OK. To have fun, sometimes you have to cross the river. This book is more than a guide to Wisconsin’s parks; it’s also a lesson about how the landscape was formed. The text is divided by geography — the Rift Zone in the northwest corner; Driftless area, southwest corner; carved by water and ice, south-central Wisconsin; glacial showcase, southeastern Wisconsin, and On the Bones of the Land, Northeast Quarter.

Maps locate each park, with several pages of text that discuss the area’s geology, illustrated with interesting diagrams. You could read from this thorough and informative guide while sitting in the park you’re reading about, or study up before you leave. 24.95): While you are out in the fields and woods of Minnesota’s state parks, you’ll be able to find and identify wildflowers if you have this book in your backpack. Root and Povo spent 10 years seeking out the state’s native wildflowers for this fact-packed guide.

It begins with a discussion of native plant communities with instructions on how to look for native wildflowers. The rest is divided into wildflower seasons at various locations, such as spring in the Big Woods and high summer on the prairie. There are field notes, and each flower is photographed.

From kitten tails to prairie smoke, Dutchman’s breeches to butterfly weed, these are flowers that grew here for hundreds of years and are still here, although harder to find, unless you have this pretty/useful book. Root and Povo will discuss and sign copies of their book at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 15, at Sisters’ Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar, 3746 23rd Ave. S., Mpls., and 10:30 a.m.