Travel To South America Makes Memories


Travel to South America to visit an exciting region with a rich cultural history and magnificent natural wonders. Spanish and Portuguese influence is widespread here. Many residents have a European lineage as their ancestors settled here. Twelve nations offer a cornucopia of delights. Rio De Janeiro is one of many cities tourists flock to get their urban vibe.

This city and Punta del Este are famous for urban beachfront. To visit. The cosmopolitan vibe of Buenos Aires has a distinct flair. Caracas, Santiago, Lima, La Paz and Bogota are amongst the large cities attracting foreigners. Mendoza, Montevido are amongst secondary cities whose special appeal brings crowds. For wine lovers Mendoza is has a predictable attraction. The UNESCO heritage site of Cartagena has become an increasingly visited attraction for Colombia.

Spanish culinary influence has mixed with local traditional food to give many of these national cuisines a characteristic flair. With over hundred varieties of potato in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia their dishes liberally feature this tubular vegetable. The cuisine of Venezuela and Columbia has a greater Spanish influence. Argentina is famous for its steaks. Chile has many seafood dishes. Food in Brazil reflects its native, African and Portuguese history. In cities and resorts, international chains offer facilities for all family members.

A limited selection of the fabulous nature sites that can be visited are described below. Adventurous traveling should not be done without experienced tour operators. Off the southern coastline lie the Galapagos Islands. This land mass made famous by Charles Darwin is has fourteen primary islands. Almost the entire Galapagos archipelago is constituted of a national park and a marine reserve. The archipelago has many species not to found elsewhere. These include its marine iguanas and giant turtles. After you have seen your fill of the wildlife scuba diving and enjoying water based activities can provide a cooling respite.

More adventurous travelers may want to explore the great Amazon rainforest. In this case, a respected tour guide is a necessary accompaniment of any such excursion. Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas found in 1911 was officially recognized as one of the wonders of the world in 2007. The well preserved ruins are located in the Urubamba valley close to Lima. It is the only Inca city that survived Spanish conquerors.