Travel Protection Insurance


Taking a vacation is a big deal. For most Americans there are two weeks a year where you can really relax. Where you can let your hair down and just “do you”. Statutory holidays aside, the twice yearly ritual of two weeks of vacation is a rite that families across the land guard with their lives.

And no teenager or hotel-room robbery is going to ruin this important family time! When taking your precious weeks away, consider all the ways things could go wrong. You have home-insurance, so even if the place burns down while you’re away at least you’re covered there. But all it takes is one lost camcorder or pilfered laptop to throw a vacation into disarray. Did you know that you can get traveler’s insurance under your homeowner’s policy,

Its true, while your overpriced brownstone is mouldering back in New York, there is an easy way you can leverage its laughable policy against the chances of having fun on your vacation! Traveler’s insurance is designed to reimburse you against the potential for mishaps while traveling. Because for most people traveling is a recreational pursuit, guarding against certain possibilities is more like guarding your investment against a potential money sink. If for example flight tickets can’t be reimbursed. An international flight booked at your convenience can cost thousands of dollars.

Travellers insurance can help you re-coup some of that money common situations covered by traveler’s insurance include. Lost luggage: While airlines will often fed-ex your luggage to you at their cost. The expense of replacing necessary items until its delivery will always fall on the traveler. Traveler protection from your homeowner’s policy will cover aspects of this.

Travel Delays: These can be the most expensive part of travel costs. Having to deal with a damaged vehicle, an extra night’s stay or an unexpected flight home can compound the cost of a trip very quickly. Coverage in this area will cover you and your party for costs incurred by changes in your itinerary. Medical Evacuation: Serious illness is a concern for many chronically ill travelers. Having to pay the cost of foreign medical treatment is another as well. As it looks, medical evacuation coverage will soothe the cost of getting a sick person back to the U.S.