Travel Leaders Launches #YearoftheTravelAgent Thunderclap Campaign


A Thunderclap campaign combines crowdsourcing and social media to share one message simultaneously across social networks, Travel Leaders said. When someone chooses to join in, their friends and followers on social media receive a notification asking them to participate as well. Then, on a specific date and time, Thunderclap releases a final message on all participants’ social channels at once, with the objective of making the campaign a trending topic online. Travel Leaders Group is asking the travel industry and everyone who loves to travel with a travel agent to join the Thunderclap campaign.

The final message will be shared at 1:30 p.m. “We want to share the message far and wide that, increasingly, travelers are reconsidering the DIY approach and, instead, are recognizing the value of a travel agent,” said Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko in a written statement. “A trusted travel professional makes all the difference in the world in the quality of a travel experience and in providing personalized care when travel disruptions occur. Additionally, careers in the travel industry, which the U.S.

On the site, agents and suppliers can also find a variety of graphics and social media images to use on their social channels along with other information and resources. Participate in the Thunderclap by visiting here and clicking on the Thunderclap link. Share one of our 12 tenets along with a statement about how travel agents fulfill that tenet. Or make up your own.

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