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There are an unimaginable amount of concepts involved which, if my life's work is correct, should include these: The fact that it actually would take physical time to travel through time. We live in a four dimensional world. Traveling through time implies bending the strings which make up our very reality to transport into a whole nother dimension, from where we may jump back into our universe at a different dimensional angle, that angle inflicting upon time. From any other angle, we would be teleporting through space, which, according to my theory, is far more unlikely than traveling through time.

Bare with me as I try to explain through scenario. If one was to travel, say, a day back in time, they would, in affect, be distorting space time, since all the matter that compses them, is technically, brand new matter from a whole nother dimension. That's right, the universe, which has basically been recycling the same exact matter since its conception, is now, all of a sudden, disrupted by a new source of matter. You can forget about the speed of light, the whole universe would be destroyed instantly through this unprecedented chaos.

In one instance, regardless of any particles distance from this new source, everything would be destroyed forever, reality torn to shreds. That mean our earth would be destroyed at, litrally, the exact same time as a planet on the absolute other side of the universe. Sorry Mr. Scientist, but time travel acording to Mwaaa is imposible and impracticle.