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Mt. Maynoba has something to offer when it comes to waterfalls. The local people found out that there are "8 Waterfalls" within the vicinity of this mountain (traverse). So if you're planning for a dayhike trip, better visit Brgy. Personal Insights: I must admit that when you travel in "Do It Yourself" way, it's hard to follow your itinerary. A lot of travel delay is caused by transportation. We started our journey at exactly 10:30 PM from our house going to Novaliches then Cubao.

We decided to take Twin Hike to witness itself the what they called Maynoba Circuit. We took the route going to My. Cayabu. We reached its summit around 3 AM and it was still dark that time. The only things that we saw on top was the drum, the bamboo-made bench and the moon. These are the photos which I took after traverse and went back to this route. You can start trekking as early as "3 AM" as per advised by Kuya Ronald when I got a chance to talk to him thru his Facebook account.

Our experience on Mt. Maynoba's peak was epic. There's no sea of clouds and as usual, we witnessed sea of crowds. It rained heavily by the time we waited for the sunrise and that was a funny moment. We did not wait for it to stop instead we headed to start our traverse adventure going to 8 waterfalls. Photo taken last May 29, 2016 (Sunday) | Credit to owner Selevaer John Reaveles and Joy Rose Desoloc (my friend) by here permission to post this photos. As a Travel Blogger, I am sharing all my experiences, guides and the expenses in every trip I have been so that you can also experience this trip to specific place with your friends or family. 0700 - ETA Brgy.

People to this day use a couple of drops of wild rose oil under the tongue to relieve feelings of stress, hopelessness and feelings of being trapped. The oils can also be burnt over an aromatherapy candle, to distribute a pleasant fragrance in a room providing a more relaxed and ambient atmosphere.