Tips To Buy Used Wheelchair Vans


The need for wheelchair vans when you have a handicapped person at home cannot be overlooked. These vans not only enable you to take them along with you easily when you travel, but also gives a boost to their self esteem since these vehicles allow them to drive as well. Since it makes them independent, the chances of the wheelchair bound person falling prey to depression and self loathing are significantly reduced. In addition to new vans, there are used vans available in the market as well.

While the former may be an ideal choice for those without any monetary restraints, the latter is the best for those who need it but cannot afford to spend a fortune. However, there is a need to be doubly careful while buying the used vans so you don’t end up with a lemon.

The first tip is to find the right dealer who specialises in the sales of used wheelchair vans. Instead of looking left, right and centre for retail outlets in your neighbourhood, go online and explore the options you have. When you visit our site, you will get to see a wide range of used vans that have been thoroughly inspected and then put up for sale. Being a reputed dealer specialising in new and used vans, with years of experience, we list out all the details of the vehicle for you to see before you make a choice.

This is extremely important so you can refer back to them when the vehicle is delivered to you and report in case of any discrepancies. The second tip to bear in mind while purchasing used wheelchair vans is to inspect the condition of the vehicle. When you visit our site, you will see the pictures of the used vans that are up for sale, but this will only give you an idea about the physical appearance.

We allow the customers to inspect the vehicles once (though we do the evaluation from our end) to ensure they are completely satisfied with the choice they are making. It is important not only to check the physical condition of the vehicle, but also the state of the engine and the other controls to be assured of the right choice. The third tip is to inspect the ramps thoroughly while purchasing used wheelchair vans. In certain cases, people put up their vans for sale because of the improper functionality of the ramp.