This Booze Brand Will Pay You $60K To Travel The Country For Six Months


Unless you've gone on a serious social media cleanse over the last year, there's a good chance you've seen a photo captioned "living my best life" recently. The phrase tends to accompany pictures of the beach, faraway countries, and puppies, because duh, and is now the premise behind White Claw Seltzer's My Best Life contest.

60,000 six-month gig that basically requires you to travel to cool places around the United States. It's a tough life, we know. More formally, the winners will become brand ambassadors for White Claw, and will be expected to travel twice a month to places like the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, and Niagara Falls. The time commitment means you could likely still keep your day job, especially if they're flexible about work from home days. I'm dreaming of a White Claw. Celebrate nothing artificial this season. There's only one real qualification — because of marketing guidelines, you have to be 25 or older to apply. Winners will be chosen in August, and from there the U.S. Cooler full of White Claw seltzer included.

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