The 6 Halls Are Suguqin Hall


70 kilometers (approx. 43 miles) northeast of Baotou, close to a valley named Wudang Gou, lies the Wudangzhao Monastery that's a sizable Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It's the largest along with the greatest preserved lama monastery in Inner Mongolia's Autonomous Area. Bada Gele Monastery' is its Tibetan identify, meaning white lotus.

Wudangzhao' in Mongolian means 'willow'. Willows are prosperous while in the valley, therefore the identify. The monastery was developed in the Tibetan type. This is a group of white architectures developed on the hills as outlined by the principles of physiognomy. The white monastery stands out versus the history from the green trees, rendering it seem very majestic. The main buildings inside the monastery are composed of 6 halls, a few dwelling Buddha residences, plus a funeral hall where the relics of many living Buddhas are preserved.

The 6 halls are Suguqin Hall, Dongkuo'er Hall, Queyiri Hall, Dangge Xide Hall, Ahui Hall and Ribenlun Hall. The Suguqin Hall is the uppermost one particular in which every one of the lamas inside the monastery assemble to recite the lections. The floor is covered with red carpet, as well as the walls are covered with all the colorful paintings depicting Buddhist stories. Queyiri Hall is situated for the west of Suguqin Hall. The Laughing Buddha is worshipped here.

The hall is actually a division exactly where the Buddhist sutra and the religious philosophy are studied. Dangge Xide Hall can also be named Jingang Hall, for a number of Jingang Buddha statues are worshipped there. Dangqi Xide Hall may be the smallest hall while in the monastery. In it are a number of Buddhist statues, among which the most notable one is a Buddha, named Daweide, who has 9 heads, 34 arms and 16 feet. In accordance with stats, there are some 1,500 Buddhist statues and abundant great murals which reflect the historical characters, customs, myths and lovely landscape. All the collections inside the monastery are treasured supplies for learning the history and culture of minorities.

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