Reishi Mushrooms Natural Hep C Treatment


In China, the people have long used medicinal mushrooms in their folk remedies. These remedies were believed to be good for obesity, liver function and improve immunity. A group of researchers using modern extraction methods prepared a mushroom mixture that increased the potency of the formula by blending over 250 herbs and reishi mushrooms. In modern times,this herbal remedy has been found to work amazingly well with traditional medicine.

Other Asian fungi are also being tested for their effectiveness aiding treatment of cancer, Hepatitis B, HIV and Hepetitis C. Results are promising in each of the studies. These studies have also discovered that these powerful herbs help improve the quality of life by easing the symptoms for both the disease and the treatment. Selenium is a trace element with powerful healing properties. The human body needs many types of minerals in order to function correctly. Selenium is on of these minerals. Selenium is found naturally in the human body in small amounts.

Vitamin E they two become a force to be reckoned with. They travel through the body seeking out free radicals that are damaging to the cells of the body. Low selenium levels are also something to look for. For people who suffer from Hepatitis B or C a low selenium level could indicate the first signs of cancer.

Selenium is also a substance that aids in the production of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins can affect the blood pressure as well as regulate inflammation in the body. Many leafy dark green vegetables contain good levels of Selenium; however, when the vegetables are processed for human consumption the valuable selenium is destroyed. A great choice for replacing the lost selenium is blue green algae. This algae is full of necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is easily digested and therefor especially good for people fighting infection and disease.

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