Pruitt Had Travel Wish List And Asked Staff To Find ‘official’ Reasons To Go: Report


In some cases, those trips were planned for months with the help of influential Washington, D.C., lobbyists, the Post reports, raising further questions about Pruitt's use of taxpayer funds and proximity to lobbyists who may have business before the agency. In the case of one canceled trip to Israel, the trip was reportedly organized by Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. Another incident in Morocco also showed Pruitt's tendency to let high-profile friends in on EPA business.

A trip to Morocco, planned by longtime Pruitt friend and lobbyist Richard Smotkin, resulted in Smotkin joining Pruitt for "multiple" events, including a meeting with one of Morocco's business leaders. Smotkin would later go on to sign a lobbying agreement with Morocco's government. Critics point to this as blatant evidence of Pruitt using his office to promote his friends' business interests.

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