How To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Vacation


Many Yoga practitioners go to retreats, ashrams, or intensives, while they are on vacation. Travel expenses, and a dull economy, are keeping many Yogis closer to home this year. No matter what you decide to do, your vacation days should be memorable and filled with fun. A sudden jump in fuel costs may alter your vacation plans, but it is important to get away from your regular working routine.

Challenge yourself by doing something different. Most of us have a comfort zone, and we do not get out of it much. This does not mean you have to take up sky diving tomorrow, but look at your routine to see what you could do that you have never done before. The challenges we overcome, put our fears in their place; and it is important to realize that fear often holds us back from making progress in life. For example: A person, who has never learned to swim, might consider swimming lessons with a qualified instructor, while on vacation.

The results of this challenge could be life changing. It takes regular practice to become a competent swimmer, but the basic skills can be learned in a short time. The result is a feeling of empowerment, a positive attitude, and accomplishment. We all know a friend who would like to visit a Yoga class, but never does, due to an inner fear. Even though there are many forms of Yoga, our friend claims that he or she would feel embarrassed.

At first, we might think that this is just an excuse, but on further observation, we realize there is a deep rooted fear. For example: A friend believes that she must lose weight before attending a Hatha Yoga class. You might try to convince her otherwise, but she has seen pictures of difficult poses, performed by slim, young women. Her mind's eye pictures herself being in a class, surrounded by slim, young women, who are performing difficult poses.

We all know the feeling of embarrassment, and very few of us learn to laugh at ourselves. Someone else's fear may seem silly, but each of us has our own worries. Fears of criticism and judgment are often the root of inaction. The results of overcoming a personal challenge are a newfound form of optimism, which stem from self-confidence. These are priceless qualities, which will carry you far throughout the rest of the year. Your vacation should be an adventure, but the good memories, and new life skills, could last a lifetime.