How Do Squids Travel


The squid's primary method of locomotion is the use of its siphon to create jet propulsion. It can travel at relatively high speeds for escape or hunting, using its arms (but not the tentacles) to help steer. The tentacles are used to help it find and gather food, and as sensory organs.

3 people found this useful Kenoscope 3 Contributions How do squid reproduce, Squid Reproduction Squid spawn in huge schools - the males attract females by displaying changing chromatophores (their colour spots) and then fertilize her with a special arm. She receives the sperm from the male with a special ink gland that is under her sharp beak. Egg cases are laid on seaweed, other egg cases or whatever else is nearby.

Squid adults generally die after spawning - the young hatch as miniature adults. Female squid can lay up to 70,000 eggs! However the majority of these eggs are eaten by predatory animals, as are the hatched squid themselves. Most predation of the newly hatched animals occurs within the first few days of hatching. By contrast, octopus generally guard their eggs, and don't die immediately after spawning. But Squid "live hard and die young", octopus have a much quieter, and longer life. Squid though live only about a year, thus their mating is a once in a lifetime event.

There are though a few species that manage two matings in a lifetime. Flickafilly 35 Contributions What do squid do, Answer . Squid move by stretching their tentacles out. They have a flap of skin that spreads out as they do this. Then they pull their legs together sharply and the flaps of skin push the water out of the way that makes them move forward. They do this continuously until they arrive to their destination. On the Wallaby 2,874,808 Contributions Passionate about all things Australian Are squids endangered,

On the whole, squid are not endangered. There has been discussion that the Giant squid is endangered, but that is only in some areas. Populations are quite healthy. Acropora1981 6,067 Contributions What is a squid, A squid is a member of the cephalopod family. It is closely related to octopus and cuttlefish. They are one of the most advanced members of the group of animals that contains snails and clams.