Cure Multiple Sclerosis With Your Imagination


My thoughts often reflect upon my multiple sclerosis symptoms. If I felt stressed out, well then maybe I couldn't see as well. There is a strong correlation between thoughts, emotions and how your body reacts. When we put our attention on something, it expands. If we obsess about something it becomes our reality. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have to ask for, or think about, what you want more than once, To get cream for your coffee in a restaurant you might have to ask twice.

To get help raking the autumn leaves, you may need to ask your kids five times. To get healthy and in shape you might need to exercise several times a week. To get into medical school, you might need to have unwavering focus for years in college. Children are masters of this whole manifestation-by-attention thing.

I knew a 5-year-old who was relentlessly begging his grandfather to buy him a toy. I playfully asked the child how many times he would have to ask before his grandfather would say yes.The child answered without hesitation,fifteen times! Kids really know how to direct their unwavering attention onto something.

It just might be that simple. So now it is time for you to start asking again. This Action Step is simply about putting out a map with directions for where you are headed. This tool for manifesting is quite well known. It is commonly known as a dream board or a manifestation map. I like to call mine a Genie Board. That is because I have the word Imagine at the top of the board. As you look at the word imagine, break it up, and you start to see I M A GINE, or I am a Genie.

And of course, you know what genies do: they grant wishes! Put up a poster board, or a bulletin board, or use the refrigerator, and start placing images of what you want. Cutting pictures out of magazines really works well. It can be material objects, like a Corvette, or a flat screen Sony, or a new home. It can be words cut from magazines that help you find a feeling, like the word freedom, or love, or peace, or travel. The more non-specific you are about the details of your request, the more magical the possibilities of what the universe can bring you.