Cannes: Striking Plane And Train Workers Will Create Travel Disruptions


On Monday, Air France canceled 15 percent of its flights, while train workers are striking Tuesday and Wednesday. Prepare for some turbulence if you're heading to Cannes. As attendees begin to descend on the film festival, which gets underway Tuesday, disruptions are expected. Travelers will have to contend with the effects of a one-two punch of strikes by Air France staff and rail workers, with an air traffic controllers’ walkout looming as well. On Monday, Air France canceled 15 percent of its flights, most of which involved travel within France as opposed to long-haul flights coming from the U.S.

Still, many industryites connect through or originate in Paris, particularly French buyers and sellers. On Friday, Air France-KLM CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac resigned, creating more chaos for the airline, which typically is a major carrier to and from the festival. Adding to the incoming travel headache is the fact that train workers are striking Tuesday and Wednesday.

As a result, 50-60 percent of trains will be offline for the two days (strikers operate on a two-days-off/three-days-on schedule). Cancellations aren't typically announced until 5 p.m. Those who can land a ticket for travel on a non-strike day are paying exorbitant prices due to increased demand. Both strikes are expected to continue through May 19, when the fest wraps.

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