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Like the Diamondbacks on US Air, or the Astros on Continental. Sponserships don't mean anything. The last time the Super Bowl was in Atlanta, Southwest was the sponsor. Southwest does not even fly to Atlanta, and I have never seen an NFL team fly on Southwest even though they are the official sponsor of the NFL. Most likely Southwest since they sponcer baseball, I know they Fly hockey teams. Some ball clubs also take a bus or train depending on their opponents What are best days for airline travel, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for airlinetravel.

Except weekends other days are not costlier for localtravel. USCitizen 477,196 Contributions What is the best airline to travel from Manila to Auckland, One consideration is cost, another is the possible adventure. When adventure appeals to you, always take a carrier that is foreign to you, and enjoy language and cultural change from the very beginning of your journey.

Should you travel by train or airline with an infant, It is generally considered safe to travel on a train or airplanewith an infant. Of course, the infant does not understand thatother people are around and may be inconvenienced by it acting likea normal child. Otto Didack 53 Contributions How fast do transatlantic airliners travel, nMost jet airliners currently used in transatlantic service have maximum speeds of approximately 568 mph, and are typically operated at cruising speeds of 530 to 540 mph. The supersonic Concorde airliner, used from 1976 to 2003, had a cruising speed of 1330 mph.

What Speed does a jet airliner travel at, The typical Jet airliner's speed is measured in a percetage of MACH speed. Mach is the speed of sound. The speed of sound varies with altitude and temperature. Most common jet airline aircraft travel between .78 MACH to as fast as .93 MACH. In miles an hour this is between 450 to 600 miles an hour without taking into account the effects of a headwind or a tailwind.