Beshear Files Suit Against Shelbyville Travel Firm Accused Of St


A Shelbyville-based travel agency is facing legal action from Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear for allegedly failing to refund thousands of dollars to dozens of customers. Beshear, working with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and the Louisville Better Business Bureau, filed the lawsuit on May 3 against Travel Crazy and its owner, Kenneth Harp of Fisherville, alleging deceptive business factors. Beshear says many of the victims are senior citizens who live in Jefferson and Shelby counties. Beshear said in a statement.

Beshear says the suit is in response to numerous complaints received by police, the attorney general's office, and the Louisville Better Business Bureau. In one case mentioned in the lawsuit, Harp and Travel Crazy allegedly took thousands of dollars from a Jefferson County couple for trips to Nashville, Chicago and St. Louis. The trips were canceled without the couple's knowledge, and the travel agency kept the money. An injunction against the companies requested by Beshear was granted on May 3. That means the companies must stop doing business all of their assets will remain frozen until the case is concluded.

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