Beacon Drive-In To Be Featured On Travel Channel


Spartanburg, SC - Spartanburg's landmark restaurant "The Beacon Drive-In" will be the subject of another national television show. The TV crew plans to start getting video around 2 p.m. 3 p.m., and will interview customers starting at 5 p.m. McManus says the restaurant will close early that day to allow the crew into the kitchen. The Beacon has been in business since 1946 and is known for its Chili-Cheese A-Plenty, which is a chili cheeseburger buried under a pile of onion rings and french fries. The restaurant also claims to sell more tea than any other single restaurant in the U.S.A.

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Everyone enjoyed this tour. I thought the girls might be bored with it, but they were interested in the process. 100 bills (you're worth millions!). National Zoo: This one also started and ended on our itinerary! However we picked a busy day (Saturday) and a hot one (even though we went in the morning!). We only went to see the Pandas but we were still there 2 hours (start to finish). The Panda house allowed you to see them up close and the outside environment enabled you to see them in their natural habitat.

The Panda house was very crowded and it was difficult to keep up with 8 girls (even with 7 adults!). My advice would be if you are visiting the Zoo with your troop, do it on a weekday. National Archives/Library of Congress: We did go to the National Archives, but I have a feeling it was not one of our troops favorite places. We did have a pass that allowed us to avoid the general entrance, but after that we were a part of the crowd.

We stood in line 20 minutes to be able to get into the room to see the "famous" documents - Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence. After that there was additional waiting to see the documents. Many of the girls grew tired of waiting and waited for the rest of the troop to finish.