Astral Projection And Chakras


With many different forms and endless possibilities, astral projection has existed since Ancient times. It can occur voluntarily or spontaneously (involuntarily) and has been used to achieve a variety of goals. No matter what encourages you to seek out astral travel, the entire practice is tied closely to energy levels and Chakras, as well as the ability to overcome fear throughout the experience.

Through patience and practice, it is possible to eventually be able to induce astral projection at will. •Involuntary without Consciousness—This type of Out of Body Experience (OBE) occurs with no consciousness and often comes in the form of bad dreams. When it occurs, this type of astral projection will often leave you feeling more tired upon waking than normal. •Involuntary with Consciousness—During this type of experience, there is an awareness of the occurrence but no control over it having happened. This is likely to happen waking up in the middle of a dream.

It is likely that any level of awareness is lost after just a few moments. •Voluntary with Consciousness—This is often referred to as remote viewing. This type of OBE occurs when the experience is entered into intentionally, but the awareness of it is lost. Although awareness is lost during the event, the information that is gained during the event is retrievable. •Voluntary with Consciousness—During this type of experience, projection occurs intentionally and there is awareness during all levels of the incident. The motivations for astral travel are as varied as those who seek it out.

For most, there is a desire to gain a wider perception than what is possible on the physical plane. This can involve spiritual knowledge or many other goals. •Learning—Traveling the astral plane can allow one to gain knowledge on a variety of subjects. This is particularly common in spiritual training. •Healing—The ability to heal on the astral plane is another common motivator.

The astral body is often able to find a solution to physical ailments or illnesses that occur on the physical plane. •Problem Solving—It is common for the astral body to be able to solve a problem or resolve a conflict that exists on the physical plane. Living out the resolution on the astral plane can provide the answers one needs for a real world solution.