Overseas education is fascinating and highly educative from different perspectives but expensive if not alert. It does mean that you must be economical. It is all about a calculated and intelligent approach towards our accomplishment. Though students are cautious of their overseas education tour, they ought to know some unknown facts which can be of great help throughout their study abroad tour. Hence, we are listing out those 7 secrets you never knew so that they will be known to you.

Yes, we have to be economical in expenditures because you are going to spend in dollars, euros or pounds. So at every point where you have to spend money, think calculatedly and move ahead. It is mandatory for every student studying overseas to familiarize themselves with the daily monetary transactions because the ATMs in foreign countries, like ATMs in India, charge a transaction fee if that ATM doesn’t belong to your bank. Unfortunately, the fee for such transactions is even higher than that of your home country.

But there are some instances where we get into such circumstances. If it is so, withdraw huge amounts of money so that you can avoid getting hit with such transaction charges repetitively. If your transaction charge comes under the category of flat rate, then it doesn’t matter how much you draw.

If your bank has partnered with any international bank in your host country, you can use those ATMs without getting hit with an international transaction charge. Soon after arriving at a study abroad destination, investigate the public transportation systems since they provide a cheaper mode of transit. Many overseas education programs offer student passes which are cheaper than that of other modes of transit. The logic here is buying them in bulk if it is convenient for daily travelling because month-long and week-long passes are cheaper than single tickets.

Besides, you can also look for some other cheaper mode of transportation simultaneously. Be economical does mean that you should refrain yourselves from all activities. If you want to travel from one city to another city, take help from your friends. You should plan in such a way that you stay with your friends in a particular destination because you can save the money spent on accommodation and in restaurants. So try to list out all the friends who are on study abroad program along with you but in different cities of that host country.